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Ukim Enustah
United States
V p / G o N s :…
N o I s R e V s U r O h C o C i N o C i N :…

E m A n : Ukim Enustah

E g A : Looks like she's 16, but acts more like she's 9.

Y a D h T r I b : January 12

S e K i L : Interesting people, fun, learning new things, hopefully finding out about the feeling..., anything she finds to be interesting.

S e K i L s I d : Boring people, mean people, having to sit still, serious emotions, anything that doesn't interest her.

T c A I h O w :
Ukim is a Strange child. She dresses quite strangely to most. She will often be moving her hands as she talks. She is very childish, especially for her age. She doesn't have many friends, but she'll eagerly make new ones.

She doesn't know how to deal with "serious" emotions or situations and may react inappropriately because of her misunderstanding. She may also misunderstand with other things, thinking them to be more childish, this includes most "adult" things... She will feel sadness, angry, ect. But she's usually never "seriously" expressing them, usually she just pouts and gets over it quickly, but that doesn't mean she can't dislike anyone. She really doesn't want the serious emotions catching up to her because of her seeing bad things happen when serious emotions are displayed, so she acts childish in hopes that they don't catch up to her... Yet she's also very curious about one particular emotion...

She is easily impressed/amazed by the simplest things and when she is amazed she'll be very fascinated by it, she may even try what she might be amazed by herself.

Despite her appearance and how she acts, she's actually quite smart. Though she'll only show her intelligence at the most random times, like blurting out the answer to hard problems. She enjoys learning new things and will proudly announce the new "fact" to her friends(If she gets any), though by how literally she takes everything she may regard almost everything as a "fact". However, there are simple things that she does not know of for some reason, like she knows some advanced math, yet she has no idea about what a frog is.

She has a big imagination and takes things quite literally. No seriously, she still believes in the easter bunny, the boogie man, ect.
She will often come up with nicknames for everyone she sees and no matter how many times you tell her your name, she'll insist that your name is the nickname she gave you. She will call out to random people in the street, since they seem "interesting" to her. But she won't be the first to talk to people she deems "uninteresting". You also have to be kind of specific with her, or she won't know what you mean and might get frustrated. She sometimes adds suffixes and affixes to words.

T a S p Y m :

She has some Russian blood in her, she doesn't have much of a accent or anything, but she is very informed on things about Russian culture, history, ect. and does know some of the language. She lived in Russia once when she was 6, though she moved after two years.

S e T o N
:bulletgreen:Has new headphones from Kugane~

E m O t N e A m U o Y t A h W

Smooch, smooch...
I kind of understand now...

What should I do about such feelings?
You make me feel... I can't explain it...

Listen a little - It's something important
You're really fun!~ Don't go away like the others.

Should we do more fantastic things?
You're interesting... We should talk more~

Certainly I don't care either way
I don't know you well enough

Before we drop to just one...
You're getting on my nerves... Meanie

Pain, hurt, but no, don't cry
J-just go away! I don't want to know about this feeling!

S g N i L e E f E d I n I

Time may pass, but the hands are at 4
You bore me.

A message I've thought too much about,
So you're a matryoshka to?

Certainly I've aways been this way, a patched up, crazy, matryoshka
But I thought there was only one of me...
:iconmikuappenddivi-dest: :iconhimitsu-secretpolice:

Throw out all your memories to
See? I'm a Matryoshka!
:icontoeto-luka: :icontakolukamagurofever: :iconmikuappenddivi-dest: :iconhimitsu-secretpolice:

You and me, rendezvous?
But I thought we already met

Current Residence: #V0C4L01D-RP
Favourite genre of music: Vocaloid
Operating System: HP Laptop
Shell of choice: Clam Shells
Wallpaper of choice: "People want to know what's on my wall?"
Skin of choice: My flesh
Favourite cartoon character: Me!~
Personal Quote: "Parade? Marade?"

  • Listening to: Matryoshka - Miku & Gumi
  • Reading: Comments
  • Watching: Matryoshka PV
  • Playing: Tag
  • Eating: Really? You have to know this?
  • Drinking: This to? I mean, really...


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Popipo-Miku Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
"Hiya there~!Would you like some juice?"
Hagane-Gakupo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
''Ukim-chan!Ukim-chaaaaan!Where are you?I have important news to you!''He shouted happily
Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
"What? Really?" She looked at him, being curious and interested in what he had to say.
"So, what is it?"
Hagane-Gakupo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
''My cousin Opukag Iumak is coming here soon and he wants to meet you badly.He became very interested in you when I told him about you.So I hope that you would talk to him,and since you two are pretty much alike,I think you two could become friends.''he said''And I have present for you~!''he added

((I'm making matryoshka Gakupo rp account XD))
Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
"Really? Is he a matroryoshka to?" She asked, tilting her head.
"And a present? What is it?"
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Matryoshka-Mae Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
"ehhhhh~? You look sorta like me!" The brown haired girl cheerfully exclaimed, running up to Ukim. "Who are you?"
Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
[ asdfghjkl; You have no idea about how happy I am to see another Matryoshka. ;u; ]

"Huh?" Ukim tilted her head.
"Your like Imug and me..." She examined her and a big grin came to her face, it was full of teeth and it made her look kind of crazy. But it did show that she had lots, and lots of interest in this girl.
"I'm Ukim Enustah!~"
Matryoshka-Mae Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
"My name is...Mae." Simplest name ever. "Pleasure to meet you, Ukim!" She said, smiling even more.
Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
"I'm happy to meet you to!~ Your really interesting, not like all the other boring people,"
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Matryoshka-Imug Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
"Ukim dear...I've saw the strangest thing today...People seem to like us as a "pairing", and I don't quite get it..." Imug said out of the blue, between a yawn.
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